About Us

Family Owned and Operated Since 1922

Over 88 years ago our family started in the medical business with a small pharmacy in an even smaller rural town. Our customers were able to have their prescriptions filled, find the newest remedies and cosmetics, plus see the latest Edison record machines. We could even offer them an ice cream float at our soda fountain.

Over time, we relocated our pharmacy to the 200 block of East Market Street in York. The store featured medical and home care products plus local prescription delivery. Around the same time, we began to offer products to physicians and medical professionals. Our business grew and in 1955 we moved to our present location on Edgar Street.

Physician's Supply had one of the first “drive thru” windows for prescription pick-up and offered evening store hours for the convenience of our customers. However, in 1964, as times changed, we closed our pharmacy to focus our full attention on serving physicians, medical facilities and home care customers.

Over the years, good business decisions, planning and the economy helped to make us what we are today. Physician's Supply Company remains a family business with vision for the future while still holding on to the values that have made us a success — extensive product knowledge, exceptional customer service, and the fair pricing.